The Brief
Within the current brand structure, the existing campaign vehicle of 'Snack Happy' and character Jacob the little baker, launch the new products of Cracker Crisps and Flatbreads.
The Insight
In research, testers said Cracker Crisps were so good that you genuinely can’t not tell people about them. People raved about how good they were - 'I want to tell my daughter so she can have some too' - and were genuinely preaching about the flavour, so we wanted to capture and replicate that excitement. 
Flatbreads were being seen as a lunchtime alternative by the brand, and they wanted to market the product as a 'light lunch'. Most people think about their lunch either at 8pm the night before or at 11–1pm during the day, so alongside the TVC we also created a live banner for use in DOOH or in banners on media sponsored webpages.  
The Idea
Use the previously created little baker to shout about Cracker Crisps, as if he were starting a political movement. 
Flatbreads: a live banner that tells the time made out of flatbreads, that is only on air during the hours when most people purchase, as well as a TV ad showing how you could break out of the boring sandwich trolley. 
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