The Brief

Even though Boots had maintained good sales by being allowed to stay open throughout the national COVID lockdowns, it found that it was losing customers who would usually shop at Boots for Christmas. Those being the older generations, who typically trade up at Xmas, and younger beauty customers who had been tempted by the growth and accessibility of online shopping websites such as Cult Beauty.

We were tasked with bringing them back to Boots for Christmas. 

The Insight

We found that shoppers were not aware of Boots' expanded offering for Xmas, and they believed Boots still only created gift boxes of toiletries... suitable only for last minute gifts or for recipients you don't really know.

Boots was also competing against more established premier gifting locations such as John Lewis which focus on the gifting day itself, even though Boots heartland had always celebrated the whole season.

The Idea

Strategic proposition: 'Unlock the magic in your whole Christmas season'

After the year people had had, missing a real Christmas, we knew that people would want to squeeze the joy out  of the whole Christmas season. That led us to our solution – a bag of joy – which allowed us to portray Joy, our heroine, travelling through the Christmas season having a solution for every single opportunity. From fashion to self gifting to parties to sentimental gifts – Boots has you covered.
Creative idea: Bags of Joy

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