@ScoutisaDick (At peak 3300 followers)
During a tough meeting with a client about social strategy, in which i disagreed with their approach, i challenged the client saying that i could grow an instagram following quicker and with no budget than they could by angling their media towards likes shares and comments.
My aim was that they would focus on distribution and frequency, because this was their objective and they didn’t have the production budget to fund an instagram profile.
They agreed to my strategy, but wanted me to prove my point, so i set up an instagram profile and aimed to grow it.
Step 1 - Choose a category… I've got a cat… the internet loves cats . Job done 
Step 2 - Define what’s different about my page - Cats are dicks… but what if they are sweary dicks, with attitude rather than being positioned as the cutesy schmaltz that 90% of profiles are.
Step 3 - Get some good photos using my DSLR and my Amateur photography skills. 
Step 4 - Build a network and Friends by commenting and on their posts and following them in return. 
Step 5 - Learn the right #Tags to post on
Step 6 - Post and learn - respond to comments.Step 7 - Develop a routine of when to post to get the best reach - encompassing the 3 big cat markets of Japan, Europe and USA.
Step 8 - reach 3000 Followers (6X more than following), and have huge instagram profiles share my pictures gaining 74,000+ Likes on multiple photo’s
Step 9 - Receive Sponsorship opportunities
Step 10 - show this to client, realise that i need to stroke my cat instead of photograph her… Have a beer.
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