The Brief
Stanley approached us to develop a creative platform that celebrates its new sponsorship of Barcelona Femení women's team. Stanley was the first brand to sponsor a major women's football team; it stands 'for those who make the world’, which in this case means being the people who stand for equality. They were looking to create a movement that women and girls could commit to, by more widely encouraging and normalising girls playing football. 
The Insights
We knew there was no better time to have the conversation about women's football and equal opportunities. But so far, all that a lot of people have done is pay lip service, and a lot of young girls still felt like there were not enough opportunities for them to get involved in football, for cultural and logistical reasons. 
We needed to help make the world of women’s football more successful and equal than ever by ensuring that any girl who wants to play football is given that opportunity at a grassroots level. So we directed our planned initiatives from the bottom up, driving schools, parents and young girls to see how teams like Femení can inspire them to feel like they are part of something bigger. ‘The love of the game unites us all, and together we can drive that change, but currently we are not equal.’
The Idea
We knew the key to this brief was to help women empower women through generations, like men have passed down the game from generation to generation. We all need heroes to make our dreams seem possible, especially in women’s football.
So we wanted Stanley to go on a mission to inspire the next generation of female football heroes, by using the current ones to exemplify the journey they have taken to play football, and to show how younger stars can start their own journey. 
FCB Femini - Pass It on.
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