The Brief
Create an online experience to complement the Paddle Pop movie, that allows children to experience the world of Paddle Pop. 
The Insight
Paddle Pop in Asia is actually bigger than Harry Potter ever was, in terms of audience. Kids in this region were spending ever-increasing amounts of time online gaming, on both desktop and mobile. Our target audience was aged under 16, so we couldn't directly advertise to them. 
The Idea
With strict regulations about advertising to children, a movie was created and we built a website that would allow kids to play through three worlds linking to the movie, and exploring more details about Paddle Pop and his friends. Kids could train their character on the mobile app, which would link to the website. They would be rewarded by an online leaderboard and free downloadable items and free ice creams.
The Results
The website proved extremely successful. An average session lasting just under 10 minutes was very positive. 
•  WMA Web Award for outstanding website
•  GOLD W3 Award for Outstanding Gaming Website
•  SapientNito’s Global Great Work Award
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