The Brief
Reflex is a premium health supplement that prides itself on not using cheaper methods of production that competitors use; it only uses whey from grass-fed cows, never soya proteins, never aspartame, etc. This obviously makes it more expensive than its competition, which is tricky in a price-driven market. 
Reflex briefed us to create an ambitious new campaign that would increase category awareness and increase the propensity for purchase, built around the new brand proposition, ‘Your partner for a life unlimited’.
The Insights
From attending our own crossfit session (never again!), talking to personal trainers and supplement users, we quickly understood that people see fitness as a journey, and people see their body as a vehicle they need to put the right fuel in to get the right results. The ones who were serious about taking the next step up in their fitness cared about taking ‘clean protein’ because there was a feeling that after working out your body feels pure. Unfortunately a lot of these people couldn’t understand the market and its claims, instead falling into the trap of ‘bro science’ and messaging like ‘massif gainz’.
The Idea
We needed to convince this audience to ignore the ‘bro science’ messages and to understand that if they wanted to really take the next step up in their fitness journey, they needed to get as serious about their nutrition as Reflex is. Therefore we needed to make people feel confident that they were buying a step up in their performance, and to justify the premium price point. We also wanted to be seen as a badge of honour and a grown-up nutrition brand elevated above the competition, that said ‘when you decide to take your fitness seriously, you’ll choose Reflex’.
So our proposition was: Put in bro, get out bro.
This allowed us to focus on how much effort Reflex put into creating a premium product, the provenance of a protein powder (I know, I know...) – which allowed us to create a distinctive yet slightly humorous approach to justify the price point.
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