The Brief
Promote the new Devils & Angels Cornetto to teens online, as part of the digital extension of the ATL campaign. 
The Insight 
Teens can find everything extreme: a two-week relationship is long-term, and when it falls apart it's the end of the world, until the next crush comes along. When it comes to digital we know that an ordinary ad would not work with this audience; instead we had to fit around their lives. To really get the message to land, we crafted the brand story into an online game that users could play through again and again. 
The Idea
Set within the Devils & Angels Cornetto cone, the game tells the story of a Devil and Angel, who met and fell in love on earth but were dragged back to their own worlds.
Players must reunite the characters in the fastest time. But unlike a traditional platform game, players can control both characters, switching between them to get the best score on the global leaderboard.
The game was promoted online in eight countries and in outdoor media in Italy.
The Results
The product is available in only eight countries, but the game has been adopted by 20 markets on Facebook and RenRen. There was an average play time of 3 minutes and a high number of returning users. 
The campaign won a Bronze Lovie Award for Best Mobile Game.
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