The Brief
As the marketing activation agency of record we were briefed on a number of projects from awareness campaigns to movie partnerships, and developing local market retail activations.
The Insights
Bananas are awesome; they are literally the world’s original superfood, carrying more Vitamin B and potassium than most other fruits. But the humble banana has been around for so long that the younger generation has started to move away from it, preferring trendier so-called superfoods with more exotic names.
We focussed our strategy on mothers with kids, and added the younger millennials as a new target audience. Our idea was to create messaging and campaigns that positioned a banana as an essential food for growth, in terms of body and mind, which carried with it a sense of irreverent fun.  
The Idea
Our campaign platforms included ‘fuel their... fun, their body, their mind’, ‘The world’s original superfood’ and ‘You say Banana, we say Chiquita’. These directly targeted mums with young kids, and helped us to create focussed campaigns that symbolically unlocked the energy release of the banana, while positioning it as fun for the millennial market. 
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