Hi there, my name is Phill.
I'm a planner, or strategist , and have even at one point in my career been called an 'idea engineer' (those were dark times).
Most people have an impression of a planner, and it’s not a good one. I aim to break that.
I think getting to a great idea is the most important thing in advertising. Most planners still think channel first, but we don't all watch TV on a Saturday night anymore, so why do we create ads the same way? 
I don't believe that a planner has to be the smartest person in the room; I just believe that we have to make the most sense. Or at least make sense out of the chaos. 
And I also think a great planner needs to know when to get out of the way. A great planner should feed creative, not stifle it.
My undergraduate studies set me up for a career in advertising – because I studied Advertising and achieved first class honours. Then being a sucker for punishment, I decided to specialise in Strategic Marketing, giving me the knowledge and courage to not immediately run away from large amounts of data. 
I believe the combination of this education and my mixed brand and integrated experience has enabled me to adapt quickly. It has also earned me a reputation for having one foot in creative and one in strategy. 

Feel free to ping me a message 
Thank you!
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