The Brief
Gü hasn’t communicated with consumers in over 3 years, and is now facing strong competition from other dessert options and being demonised by the healthy eating trend. We wanted to remind people why they fell in love with Gü in the first place, not just because it’s a dessert that tastes delicious, but because it’s a dessert that truly satisfies like no other, that gives you a (temporary) escape from a world that feels more busy, competitive and judging than ever. Gü’s company motto is ‘standing up against the ordinary’ and we needed to show people what extraordinary means for them.
The Insight
The world is busier than ever – people are feeling pressures all around them to ‘eat better’, to do this, to look like that, to act a certain way – yet our audience sometimes just wants to escape. A Gü pud is the perfect thing – it’s unapologetically brilliant.
The Idea
We developed the concept of GüPhoria based on a truism – that feeling of instant pleasure and escapism that you feel when you take the first bite of a Gü pud.  GüPhoria is the anticipation, the journey and the destination all at once. The idea behind our first TV ad is to depict the wonder of the journey to GüPhoria and to reflect the confidence our customers have in knowing they deserve the experience.

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