The Brief
Fixodent is the global leader in dental adhesive, and has enjoyed several years at the top. But as local challengers have started to increase their market share, the company doubled down on its ‘rational based’ advertising focusing on benefits only users knew.
Our challenge was to breathe new life into the brand, while protecting the current users, and still telling the rational messages that people purchased Fixodent above competitors for. 
The Insight
Customers came alive when talking about their lives, their children, their partners and their hobbies. They had active social lives that they felt were not represented in Fixodent’s current advertising. They felt that when they used Fixodent, people didn’t notice if they were wearing dentures, and they felt they had to hide the fact – it almost felt like a taboo that shouldn’t be talked about. 
The Idea
We wanted to take this taboo and throw it out of the window; we didn’t want people to feel that Fixodent was something they had to use to cover up their dentures, but something that enabled them to have a full and active life. Therefore we wanted to bring back an older form of Fixodent advertising, and add a modern twist to it. ‘Can you guess who’s wearing dentures?’ 
In pre-testing the advert was the highest scoring commercial for Fixodent ever. 
The New Advert
The Previous campaign
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